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Core Services: ACASI, CASI and CAPI Software Development

Easy Electronic Data Collection for your Research Studies!

Our electronic data collection systems allow participants to privately answer sensitive questions via a laptop computer, netbook or Windows-based tablets. The system can be customized to a variety of languages including English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Hindi, and Telugu.

Eliminate data entry time and errors!

Our team of experienced researchers and developers can develop a customized ACASI, CASI or CAPI system for your research study.

ACASI stands for Audio Computer-Assisted Self-Interview.

CASI stands for Computer-Assisted Self-Interview.

CAPI stands for Computer-Assisted Personal-Interview.

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For information on our Nutrition, Metabolism & GI Core services,
please contact Chris Wanke, MD ( or
Tamsin Knox, MD (

Lifespan/Tufts/Brown CFAR is funded by the National Institutes of Health.
Please remember to cite the LTB CFAR (Grant P30 AI042853)
in all publications that have benefited from the Center's Core services.